List of PreExisting Conditions – H.R. 1628- American Health Care Act of 2017

On May 4, 2017, our Senate attempted to pass a bill that would change our current healthcare. Granted, the Affordable Care Act, has its issues. It is far beyond perfect. It needed to be repaired. Instead our senators attempted to change the bill to not cover “pre-existing” conditions. Below is my diagram of “pre-existing” conditions that @SenSherrodBrown listed on his twitter account after the failed vote.

Please note the listed conditions and realize how this will affect your family, friends and loved ones? Remember the Senators who voted yes to this and DO NOT FOR THEM in upcoming elections!!!

Saw this cool simple sign on Facebook – We will not forget!

Check this link to see how your Senators voted:

We will update this list to show which state senators voted for this bill. Join our mailing list to get updates so you will know when to vote these people who do not represent your voice are up for election! Let your vote show them what is acceptable when it comes to our healthcare!


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