Printable No Selfie Stick Sign

Printable No Selfie Stick Sign

Use this Printable No Selfie Stick sign as a warning for people using this popular picture taking tool in your office. Be proactive and talk to your staff about the dangers this selfie stick can have in your office.

Print out this No Selfie Stick Sign and place it in your main lobby, cubicles and offices where sensitive information is kept. Be proactive and stop this trend before it enters your professional workplace!

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Why do you need a No Selfie Stick sign in your office?

– Prevent unwanted photos of sensitive areas of your office
– Prevent accidents from the stick injuring people
– Use the sign to re-iterate your office selfie policy for staff, customers and vendors

Download the No Selfie Sticks sign by clicking the image below:

Printable No Selfie Stick Sign - 01


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