Printable Paleo Food Shopping List

Printable Paleo Food Shopping List

On the Paleo diet? Check out our Printable Paleo Food Shopping List. Use it on your shopping trips to stay on track with your diet. This list has different areas for your meal planning needs!Printable Paleo Food Shopping List



This section contains different types of fish to try. Diversify your Paleo diet so you don’t get bored with this process. Changing your menu and trying different flavors will make this life change easier to adapt to!


This section contains the meats that are allowed. Make sure your poultry is skinless, and free of antibiotics. For other meats, try to get the freshest available and/or grain fed selections. Fuel your body with only the best meat choices on the market!


This section contains different types of shellfish to devour. Yum! From clams, mussels to lobster, the list has lots to choose from.


This sections contains allowable oils on this diet. Use them for cooking purposes!


This section contains an area to fill in other things you need on your shopping trip.

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